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Since 2001, our organization has been providing tourism and hospitality services through Sapphired Restaurant & Snacks. Our residential Hotel Kuakata Inn started providing full service in 2008.

The quality of service ensures customer satisfaction in the life of the customer through entertainment according to the needs of the customer, every customer in the touch of green is happy with our service in the vibration of his own heart.

The quality of service is enhanced and the employees get entertainment, excitement and joy in order to reach the goal of providing better services through sincere communication and eloquence with every person in providing better services. It is possible to ensure improved customer service by working tirelessly, working with confidence, joy, compassion, empathy and teamwork.

With strong leadership in management policy, human resource development, proper management, production methods, quality assurance of production, quality delivery of food products and team leadership with staff. Ensuring maximum service, decency, cleanliness, maximum quality by determining the type of service using technical experience. To ensure that every employee is engaged in providing services by ensuring international quality customer service through higher training.

Each member of the organization is able to provide the highest quality service through the highest standards and entertainment. We have a reputation for providing the best services in the last 20 years. (We have numerous corporate clients). Satisfied with those who receive our services. In terms of acquiring new customers and providing customer service, it is possible to provide any advanced customer service with internal and international considerations quality of service and leadership skills of the organization.